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"Provide technologically innovative services to businesses and professionals that allow them to make superior client relationships. Each service must be able to be supported electronically, operate seamlessly with no human involvement, provide a significant return on investment, and require no upfront costs.  There should be no long-term contracts and all services canceled upon thirty days notice.  We will retain our clients through results."


Founded in 2001

Phunkey Incorporated was formed back in 2001 when a group of very talented individuals got together with complementary abilities that range from networking, hosting, product development, hardware design, software design, consultation, web development, advertising, marketing, and much more. While the principals of Phunkey have many complementary talents, the largest strengths of Phunkey are the dedication to customer service by our support staff and the utilization of technology to benefit business owners.

Board Of Directors

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Barry H. Barnett
A former SEC enforcement attorney and experienced private practitioner, Barry brings to Phunkey his 33 years of corporate finance experience and entrepreneurship in furtherance of Phunkey's financial operations and strategic relationship activities.


Carrie Barnett
Carrie started her career in Arts Administration, where she learned that "Business must thrive as an art before art can thrive as a business." Practicing business as an art has taken her through three industries, as an arts administrator for a professional theater company, in the book business as a bookseller and creator of point-of-sale software and finally, as a member of the Phunkey Team. Carrie's business fascinations are strategic planning and creating great user experiences in software. In her spare time, Carrie enjoys snowshoeing, kayaking, biking and running (slowly!) through the streets of Chicago.


Holly Martin
Holly started her computer career back in 1996 as a software trainer for the Health Club Industry. She traveled the world teaching health and wellness facilities how to use software to better their business. Holly joined the Phunkey Team to teach medical doctors how to use software and technology to better their business. When Holly is not conducting a virtual training session, you can find her out on the water somewhere with her husband and children doing a little fishing.


Matt Martin
Matt graduated from Michigan Tech with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. He put his Engineering skills to work in the Automotive Industry in Detroit where he found himself developing software analysis tools. It is here he found his true calling for software development and user interface. Matt moved on to develop software for the Health and Fitness industry, where he worked on projects for some of the largest fitness chains in the country. He also developed software for the USAF Research Labs before joining the Phunkey Team as the lead developer. When he is not cranking out code, he is reeling in the fish with his wife and kids.


Tom Trotter
Through Tom's college years, he trained to be an officer in the Air Force. All that physical fitness led him to a carrier starting up and managing Health Clubs in the greater Chicago area where he eventually found himself developing and selling hardware & software solutions to the Health and Fitness industry. Tom eventually found his way back to the Air Force where he did classified computer contract work for AFOTEC. When joining the ranks of Phunkey, Tom shared his passion for multimedia and web development. If Tom isn't parked behind his computer, you can find him off on another off-road Jeep adventure.


Steve Williams
Steve Williams has been in the micro-computer industry since 1976, starting with the HeathKit H-8 micro computer. Steve's first software business was at the age of 15 creating products for the TRS-80 Model 1 Tandy computers. Subsequently, Steve has specialized in multi-location, shared and synced database models, for vertical industries including legal, health, jewelry, automotive, restaurant, retail, and medical. When leaving his last business twelve years ago, Steve sought to create a new business paradigm, and created the Phunkey model joining with him, some of his longest time friends with incredible and complimentary talents. Steve has always had a knack for finding and fulfilling solutions in very needed niche markets. In addition to his passion for technology, Steve has a passion for the great outdoors and is quite the adventurer.
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