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We can call or text any phone number, any time, anywhere, and deliver any message along with an email copy based upon any database criteria that you select.

We can host any software application and deliver it to a user base via PC or mobile device through a secure connection.




Application Service Provider

Phunkey Incorporated offers remote hosting of applications and provides software as a service (SaaS) that gives business users flexibility and control to meet their goals and increase customer service. Phunkey provides managed hosting for the Microsoft platform, QuickBooks, ScanFortress, and HSWorx, a custom written EMR solution for the HealthSource® Chiropractic Franchise.  With expertise in technologies such as Microsoft Terminal Services and 2X, we can assist your business in extending applications beyond the desktop. 

Supported by award winning Dell PowerEdge servers, 24x7 network monitoring and our knowledgeable staff, we are dedicated to exceeding your expectations.  Our data center is located in Las Vegas, NV in one of the most secure environments in the world.   Redundant power, communication lines, Internet, and more have been designed to ensure 99.999% up time.   All data is backed up redundantly, both internally and externally.  We have also taken great measure to ensure stored data meets HIPAA compliancy. So whether you are a single small office or a Fortune 1000 Corporation, Phunkey can meet your needs.




Communication Services

Phunkey has designed custom communication solutions for every size business.  From billion dollar organizations to major universities, the Phunkey Team has created solutions that are being used every day around North America. Our commercial services can be found in many different marketplaces that include, PatientCall, DentiCall, ChurchGrower, VetCaller, ClientCall, PubCaller and SchoolCaller.

If you have a unique market with a client base with which you need to communicate, Phunkey can gear its communication solutions to meet your needs. Your imagination is the only limiting factor for what and when you can use Phunkey's Communication Solutions.  We can deliver any message, any time, with any user input, based upon any database criteria.  With Phunkey, do not worry about what we have to offer, think about how you can enhance your business through our solutions. We’ll take it from there! 

Some examples of what we can deliver:

Appointment Reminders – We interface with your scheduler, receive your data file via our secure SFTP site, (or through an easy-to-use manual interface on the Internet for you to input your data) and call your patients or clients to remind them of their upcoming appointment.  You have the ability to select the number of days prior to an appointment to contact them.  You can give your clients the opportunity to reschedule the appointment and your front desk will be immediately emailed.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys – Customer Satisfaction Surveys are one of the primary ways of finding out how you rate with your clients. However, it is also one of the last things that most businesses undertake. We can customize your survey and follow-up with your clients after an appointment to find out how they rate your service and find out if they have any suggestions that would enhance your services or products.

Communication Blasts – You can record your own message or have us professionally record one for you. We can contact your entire database and deliver your message in a fraction of the time and cost involved with any other form of communication. Blasts can be used for public announcements, office closures, special events, and promotions.  We can allow a key press response for interest, literature, or to reserve a spot for an event.

Birthday Greetings - Record a birthday greeting from your office staff. Then interfacing with your client database, we contact each client on their birthday and deliver your message.  You will be surprised at the response from your clients on your innovative method of contact.

Donation Pick-up Calls - Charitable and not-for-profit organizations will many times dispatch trucks for donation pick-ups. Sending out a truck with today's fuel prices when the donation will not be ready is very costly.  With Phunkey's calling solutions, your donor will be contacted the night before the truck is dispatched and reminded of the next day’s pick-up.  If they need to reschedule the pick-up, your call center will be immediately notified.  The system can also be used for solicitation of donations or contributions.

Association Announcements - If you have an association and need to contact your members, Phunkey is the perfect way to do so inexpensively and without having to spend your weekend on the telephone.

Prayer and Volunteer Lines - Churches no longer have to take evenings and weekends to get prayer line calls made. With Phunkey custom telephony solutions, you can have your entire congregation available within minutes and have your announcement delivered.  Or, if you need volunteers for a project, specify the number of volunteers needed and let Phunkey fill your list and email you when the job is done.

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